You’ve made a great decision and Ajani would

be happy to speak at your next big event if

it’s a good fit. Ajani is passionate about

health and fitness.

Ajani time is very limited and his schedule fills-up very quickly.
Sample Speaking Topics
– How to Get your Head in the Right Mindset to Crush your Fitness Goals
– How Senior population can get and stay fit

Sample Talks
Formats: * 60-90 minutes

Ideal Audience:

People who are serious about getting healthy and making it into a LifeStyle

Here’s What the Information Will Do for You

  • Get you motivated about changing your life.
  • Show you how to dominate and improve your health and fitness.
  • Make you an UNSTOPPABLE force.
  • Allow you to finally have more freedom and flexibility to eat healthy.
  • What to Do Next

To see if your company/organization qualifies to have Ajani speak at your next event, please complete the contact box below.


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