how to prevent your kids from becoming OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE!

  • Over 30% of youths are overweight or obese
  • Kids between 12 to 17 spend nearly 7 hours a day on TV, Video games, and computer
  • Most kids do not engage in vigorous physical activity
  • Most kids don’t know how to perform a proper pushup

The best way to decrease overweight and obesity is:



Our youth strength training and conditioning program primary objectives are improving the overall strength and endurance of our youths while utilizing proper form and technique.

We focus on broad-based, balanced muscle development, and then move into comprehensive strength-training utilizing proper form and technique.  We focus on safety.

In addition, our program:

– create productive protocols for warming up and cooling down;

– implements procedures for enhancing joint flexibility;

– Implement proper resistance exercises using body weight resistance, plyometric movements, weight stack machines, free weights, medicine balls, and elastic bands.

The youth program safely develops a strong musculoskeletal system, coordination, improved flexibility; speed, strength, and endurance that can help youths improve their health and fitness while withstanding the rigors of sports participation.  Most importantly, our kid’s program is designed to prevent a sedentary lifestyle and prevent youths from becoming overweight.

We also offer nutritional advice for weight loss.


The age-range for the kid’s fitness program is 12 to 17.  Students will be from elementary to high school.  We train boys and girls based on age-range.

For more information on the various kid’s fitness programs we offer,
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